Not all cargo is the same. In fact, you’ll often find that different cargo types require specialized freight. You’re probably already familiar with certain types of specialized freight, such as goods that need to be refrigerated. Specialized freight is the shipping of cargo that requires specific loading, securing, and shipping to keep it from being damaged during transport.

So, what are the most common types of trailers used in specialized shipping? Read on to learn the five different types of specialized freight.


1)  Step-Deck Trailers

Need to ship tall items, or various sized equipment? Step-deck trailers are your best bet. These trailers are designed with no sides, roof, or doors, and carry tall cargo that exceeds the legal height limit if transported on a traditional flatbed trailer. You’ll often find these trailers hauling construction equipment and forklifts.


2) Reefer Truck

Did you know that reefer trucks are responsible for transporting 90% of America’s food? These are the trailers of choice for refrigerated and perishable items. Designed to maintain temperature, humidity and airflow, reefer trucks are also used for sensitive pharmaceutical products.


3) Drop Trailer

Drop trailers aren’t physically different than most trailers, but they are more flexible. With a drop trailer, a driver leaves your trailer at the facility for a period until another vehicle picks it up. These trailers are great for consumer generated products, and those who ship enough to have a full truck in a week.


4) Air Ride Suspension Truck

Lightbulbs, lamps, and vases. What do they have in common? They are all fragile.

When shipping, you want everything to go smoothly, especially if you are transporting fragile objects. Air ride suspension trucks are specifically designed for this, with compressors being used to create a smoother ride. As an added bonus, these trucks tend to be more comfortable for drivers!


5) Flatbed Trailer

Last but not least we have the flatbed trailer. These trailers are the perfect choice for bulky and hard-to-organize items. Similar to the step-deck trailer, these trailers have no sides, roof, or doors, and are most often used for transporting large objects. Flatbeds are also extensively used by those in the logging industry.


There you have it, the five types of specialized freight! Remember, it is important to do your research to find the best carrier for your cargo.


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