Spring is a time when people look forward to many pleasant things, such as nicer weather, blooming flowers, and a little more sunshine. A roadside inspection is not one of them.

Roadside inspections are inevitable, but it doesn’t make them any less nerve wracking. Being prepared for a roadside inspection helps to minimize the chance of vehicle-related violations and is vital for preventing accidents. With a little patience and calm during the inspection, you can make the road a safer place. Here are our top five tips for a successful roadside inspection!

1) Ensure Your Paperwork is in Order

First and foremost, you need your paperwork in order. This includes documents such as your license, registration, insurance, hazmat documentation, and more. Putting all these documents in a binder for easy access will help to speed things along.

2) Keep Up on Your Vehicle Maintenance

Do you conduct your own pre- and post-trip inspections? You should. Identifying problems and fixing them before a roadside inspection is always the best option. If you identify a problem while on the road, it is best to tell the inspector, acknowledge it was a recent discovery, and state your steps to fix it. Everyone has their own pre-trip inspection checklist, so make sure to find one that works best for you!

3) Keep Your Truck Clean

Besides being a good hygiene practice, keeping your truck clean indicates to an inspector that you are detail-oriented and responsible. Remove extra garbage which could impact visibility or is in the brake/accelerator area. This also makes it easier for the inspector to check the interior!

4) Charge and Connect HOS Electronic Logging Devices

It is required for an inspector to view your ELD logs. Your ELD should be charge and in a place that is easily viewable from the driver’s seat. You can send your records to the inspector via a wireless web service, Bluetooth, or a USB drive.

5) Keep a Good Attitude

Stressing will not make the inspection go faster. It is better to be calm and collected during a roadside inspection rather than defensive and confrontational. Nobody particularly enjoys them, but they are a critical part of the trucking industry. Keeping a positive attitude just makes things easier for everyone.

There you have it, our top five tips for a successful roadside inspection! Do you have any tips of your own that you want to add to the list? Visit our socials via the buttons below and leave us a comment!

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